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  • Pensée Sauvage

    Philippe Tournaire has worked with members of his family to create his new collection and now presents "Wild Pansy", an eternal token of love for those whom one holds most dear.  

    "My passion for nature, which I showed with my first creation of flower jewels with set precious  gem stigmas, led us towards this new colourful floral collection"

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    The Lock & Love collection invite all the lovers to declare or re-declare their love with a unique jewel. What could be more romantic than a Lock & Love jewel to celebrate the love linking two persons...

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  • Achimie Triloge

    Square, triangle and round symbolizing the past, present and future. The symbolic meaning of the Trilogy is really dear to Philippe Tournaire.


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  • French Kiss

    To celebrate the promise of the future engagement, to make the tradition and the engagement ring's history last, the jewelry house Philippe TOURNAIRE offers a broad choice of yellow, white, pink gold or platinium rings with diamond setting or thousands other colors.

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    Philippe et Mathieu Tournaire ont le plaisir de vous présenter en exclusivité leur première création olfactive qui se décline en 4 parfums signés Tournaire.Des flacons d’exceptions habillés de décors sculptés, une réinterpréation du bijou de sac par la Maison Tournaire.